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Piotr M.

When computer came to human

After decades of humans coming to a computer, roles have reversed

Often one of critiques of the recent smartphone technology is that smartphones preclude us from real human contact or experiencing life, invading our personal space in the bedroom for instance. However there is another way to look at it, liberating and empowering rather than that of invasion and entrapment.

Smartphones have helped us break away from the shackles of desktop computing, severing chains that tethered us to a 9-5 job at a desk where non-moveable terminal was awaiting our input. Laptops have made strides in the last decade or two but still the comparatively large form factor and sparsely available Internet connectivity when on the go meant that laptops are still limited to very few use cases outside of our home or office environment. With smartphones, we’ve brought computing to us rather than us coming to computing, having to ‘go’ to a computer.

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